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  • Big Bang Theory

    Big Bang Theory 

    9 shots of red, white, and blue crossettes light up the sky with this big one. Shots: 9…
    $89.00  $79.00
  • Bomb Shell

    Bomb Shell 

    Brocade crowns, blue and silver palms and red glittering willows, along with bursts of green and silver glitter and waterfalls.…
    $79.00  $69.00
  • Fist Bump*

    Fist Bump 

    Red and green peonies, brocades breaking to red, green, and blue, big gold willows with green glitter, red and green…
    $79.00  $69.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Ghost Shell

    Ghost Shell

    Weird ghost shells! Each shot triple changes: green or lemon or blue to ruby to silver brocade. …
    $89.00  $79.00
  • Inked*


    This 3" shell cake shoots off huge bursts of red, white, and blue glitter sparklers. Shots: 9…
    $79.00  $69.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Khaotic Kaboom

    Khaotic Kaboom 

    Alternating 2" shots of gold willows and colored stars, ending with crackling chrysanthemums. Shots: 9 Included Special…
    $42.00  $39.00
  • Money Bags

    Money Bags 

    Blue, red, purple, green, and yellow brocade crowns with green and silver chrysanthemums. Shots: 9…
    $79.00  $69.00
  • Monstrous Brocade Ring

    Monstrous Brocade Ring

    Monstrous brocade ring with color-changing peony in each shot.…
    $89.00  $79.00
  • Monstrous Palms

    Monstrous Palms

    Gigantic golden palms with assorted color stars. Ends with multiple shots of huge silver willows.…
    $89.00  $79.00
  • Poison*


    Green brocades with glitter and crackles. Shots: 9 Included Special Effects: Crackles…
    $79.00  $69.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Pyro King 900*

    Pyro King 900 

    Blues and oranges erupt into red bursts with brocade rings. Then blues and yellow burst into huge palm cores while…
    $89.00  $79.00
    Out Of Stock
  • The Big Florescent

    The Big Florescent 

    This cake fires off big 3 inch shells of sea blue, purple, yellow, and silver bursts, red palms, color changing…
    $89.00  $79.00
  • Triple Diamonds

    Triple Diamonds 

    Huge silver wave breaks with color changing tips, and plenty of red, blue, green, yellow and silver, ending with 3…
    $89.00  $79.00
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