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  • Confetti Cake*

    Confetti Cake 

    A great daytime use firework perfect for parties. Each tube shoots colorful confetti 25 feet into the air. …
    $12.00  $9.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Fly Fishin'

    Fly Fishin' 

    Burst of colorful flying fish. Shots: 16 Duration: ~0:27 Sound Rating: Quiet Included Special Effects: Flying Fish…
    $12.00  $9.00
  • Retribution


    Buzzing bees, red tails, and silver glitter. Shots: 19 Duration: ~0:34 Included Special Effects: Tails, Flying Fish…
    $15.00  $11.25
  • Crackling Color Palms

    Crackling Color Palms 

    Huge bursts of white glitter with red pistils, gold glittering willows with blue stars, brocade kings with red stars and…
    $18.00  $13.50
  • Ultra 96

    Ultra 96

    Red, yellow, green, and sea blue stars and ends with a finale of crackling stars. Shots: 96 Sound…
    $6.00  $4.50
  • Willows


    Huge burst of gold willows. Shots: 10 Duration: ~0:23…
    $15.00  $11.25
  • Bada Bing*

    Bada Bing 

    Red, silver, blue, and green peonies with tails and loud reports. Shots: 16 Duration: ~0:32 Sound Rating: Loud…
    $12.00  $9.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Boiling Point

    Boiling Point 

    Two color breaks with loud reports. Shots: 16 Sound Rating: Normal…
    $12.00  $9.00
  • Desert At Night

    Desert At Night

    Red tails and blue stars with a bang. Shots: 7 Sound Rating: Loud Included Special Effects: Tails…
    $6.00  $4.50
  • Garden In Spring

    Garden In Spring

    Starts as a fountain before shooting pearls with stars. Shots: 7 Sound Rating: Normal…
    $6.00  $4.50
  • Hard to Beat*

    Hard to Beat 

    Crackling comet tail to multi color palms with gold crackling breaks. Shots: 9 Included Special Effects: Crackles…
    $10.00  $7.50
    Out Of Stock
  • Tail Gator

    Tail Gator 

    Crackling tails going to purple and yellow stars with time rain. Shots: 8 Sound Rating: Normal Included Special…
    $8.00  $6.00
  • Captain America*

    Captain America

    This daytime use cake shoots parachutes with blue, green, and yellow smoke. It ends with shots of red smoke and…
    Out Of Stock
  • Martin Bomber

    Martin Bomber 

    Blinking tails that burst into brilliant silver bouquets Shots: 16 Duration: ~0:30 Sound Rating: Normal Included Special Effects:…
    $10.00  $7.50
  • The Red White & Blue Salute

    The Red White & Blue Salute 

    Fan shaped effect with alternating red, white, and blue tails and bouquets. Shots: 24 Duration: ~0:28…
    $18.00  $13.50
  • Wild Bear

    Wild Bear 

    Lots of spinners and typhoon bursts. Shots: 16 Duration: ~0:45…
    $18.00  $13.50
  • Red White Blue *

    Red White Blue  

    This patriotic wonder has red and blue tails that spin off and burst into red peonies, silver glitter with crackles,…
    $10.00  $7.50
    Out Of Stock
  • Loud Cloud*

    Loud Cloud 

    16 Shot Whistle to crackle flower breaks. Perfect for the finale Shots: 16 Duration: ~0:19 Sound Rating: Normal…
    $15.00  $11.25
    Out Of Stock
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