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  • Saturday Night Special

    Saturday Night Special 

    White, green, and red comets and comet tails erupting into white, green, and red bouquets, gold and silver fish, silver…
    $42.00  $39.00
  • Say What*

    Say What 

    Purple and green palm with white glitter, sky blue and red with crackling and screams. A brocade crown with green…
    $52.00  $49.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Seventy Second Sensation

    Seventy Second Sensation 

    Blue stars and timerain, blue stars and silver flying fish, silver glitter and timerain, silver tail to silver spinners, red…
    $42.00  $39.00
  • Sexy Rider

    Sexy Rider 

    2" shots of vivid red and colored waves, green glitter, and big bursts of red, blue, and silver. …
    $42.00  $39.00
  • Smokin' Aces

    Smokin' Aces 

    Whistling tails breaking to very powerful multi-colored bursts that crackle with a 3 shot finale Shots: 10 Duration:…
    $42.00  $39.00
  • Solar


    Orange, yellow, purple, and green mines. Red strobes and gold strobes with silver crackling fish. Shots: 12 Duration:…
    $32.00  $29.00
  • Solid Gold

    Solid Gold 

    Six flights of solid gold brocade mines to gold brocades with gold stars Shots: 30 Duration: ~0:23 Sound…
    $42.00  $39.00
  • The Hurt Locker*

    The Hurt Locker 

    A combo of four great cakes! Weapons Hot-48 shots, Charlie Fox Trot-48 shots, Hell Fire-48 shots, and Lethal Addiction-48 shots.…
    Out Of Stock
  • The Willie

    The Willie 

    Thunderous bursts explode with gold glittering brocade crowns and blue stars alternating with red and gold glitter brocade crowns. …
    $42.00  $39.00
  • Thirsty Thursday*

    Thirsty Thursday 

    Volleys of flying crackles into the sky trailed by bright tails. Each volley burst into a brilliant gold color. …
    $52.00  $49.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Vampire Blood

    Vampire Blood 

    Multi-layered, fan cake has tons of silver fish and blood red mines that go to red, green, and blue brocades.…
    $52.00  $49.00
  • Western Sky

    Western Sky 

    Red dahlia mines going to red dahlias and brocade mines going to brocades. Shots: 30 Duration: ~0:25…
    $52.00  $49.00
  • Widow Maker*

    Widow Maker 

    This cake has wonderful mines, beginning with brocade to red, to green, and to blue. It finishes with a 4…
    $42.00  $39.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Yikes


    Brocade crown mines, gold glitter mines, blue dahlias, silver waves, and purple mines. Shots: 15…
    $32.00  $29.00
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