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  • Itty Bitty Bombs

    Itty Bitty Bombs

    4 Assorted Cakes: 7 shot silver tail to blue stars & silver fish, 7 shot gold tail to gold star,…
  • Pro Pac #1*

    Pro Pac #1

    6 Assorted Artillery Shells, Super Stallion, Golden Peacock, AF One, Martin Bomber, Daffodil, Whirlwind of the caribbean sea, Match Magic,…
    Out Of Stock
  • Pro Pac #6*

    Pro Pac #6

    Wild Stallion, Cosmic Raider, Mile Stone, Crackling Rainbow, Pyro Alert, Buck Fever, Hot Hot Hot, F-16, Master Mine, Crashing Rainbow,…
    Out Of Stock
  • Professional Assortment  #3

    Professional Assortment #3

    14 assorted 200 gram cakes, ten 16 shot cakes and four 25 shot cakes Shots: 260 Sound Rating:…
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