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  • 48 Shot Color Pearl

    48 Shot Color Pearl

    Emits showers of bright red and green stars with reports and has a crackling finish. Shots: 48 Sound…
  • Absolute Evil*

    Absolute Evil 

    16 shots of silver spinning tails rising to red, then white, then blue Shots: 16 Duration: ~0:26 Included…
    Out Of Stock
  • Amp'd Up

    Amp'd Up 

    Huge bursts of sky blue, red, purple, green, and yellow, with lots of white glitter. Shots: 16 Duration:…
  • Bad Moon Rising

    Bad Moon Rising

    Powerful Golden Brocade with Multi-color tips ignite the stars. Each shot ends with a Elegant Red Lace and a huge…
  • Bada Bing*

    Bada Bing 

    Red, silver, blue, and green peonies with tails and loud reports. Shots: 16 Duration: ~0:32 Sound Rating: Loud…
    Out Of Stock
  • Bling Bling

    Bling Bling 

    Green bursts with purple stars, red, blue, and white bursts, red and green bouquets with time delay, and a six…
  • Breakout


    Alternating bursts of red star mines to crackling bursts, white glitter mines to crackling bursts, and blue star mines to…
  • Buck Fever*

    Buck Fever 

    Exciting huge explosions of color with crackling and report, ending in a grand finale! Shots: 25…
    Out Of Stock
  • Can of Worms

    Can of Worms

    Multi-colored pearls break into worms that squiggle across the sky Shots: 9 Duration: ~0:13…
  • Cash In

    Cash In 

    Brocade with white glitter, silver tail to red bouquet with white glitter, red tail to red pearls with white glitter,…
  • City Crasher

    City Crasher 

    Fantastic crackling streamers with huge color bursts ending with a thunderous finale. Sound Rating: Loud Included Special Effects:…
  • Coconut Grove Song*

    Coconut Grove Song 

    This has lots of LOUD report. It is sure to knock your socks off! Shots: 19 Sound Rating:…
    Out Of Stock
  • Coconut Tree

    Coconut Tree 

    Loud shots of silver coconut. Shots: 16 Duration: ~0:24…
  • Color Me Blue*

    Color Me Blue 

    Blue peonies and blue tipped palms, finishing with blue crackling pistils. Shots: 12 Duration: ~0:20 Sound Rating: Loud…
    Out Of Stock
  • Color Me Pink*

    Color Me Pink 

    Pink dahlias and pink strobes, with a finale of pink crackling pistils Shots: 12 Duration: ~0:20 Sound Rating:…
    Out Of Stock
  • Color Pearl 96 Shot*

    Color Pearl 96 Shot

    96 shots of red and green pearls to crackers…
    Out Of Stock
  • Color Pearl Flowers

    Color Pearl Flowers

    Emits showers of bright red and green stars with report, then crackling finish. Shots: 48…
  • Cosmic Raider*

    Cosmic Raider 

    Silver tails to yellow palms with green glitter, and silver tails to crackling chrysanthemums Shots: 8 Duration: ~0:23…
    Out Of Stock
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