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  • 2 Cool *

    2 Cool  

    Another rendition of the classic favorite "Cool." Showers of purple, silver, red and green sparks with a crackling finale. …
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  • 4in Grizs Best Fountain

    4in Grizs Best Fountain

    2 silver glittering, 2 tri-colored and 2 peacock…
  • Alien Fountain*

    Alien Fountain 

    The head lights up all green with purple eyes! Colored sparks and crackles shower out up 6 feet. It's out…
    Out Of Stock
  • Assorted Fountains

    Assorted Fountains

    An assortment of different fountains, great for kids!…
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  • Big Torch*

    Big Torch

    A handheld firework that has bright beautiful colors and flames that change from blue to red. Duration: ~1:00…
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  • Breathless*


    Red and blue dragon balls and multicolored fish. Duration: ~1:18 Sound Rating: Normal Included Special Effects: Flying Fish…
    Out Of Stock
  • Cheese Head*

    Cheese Head

    Gold and teal fir needle, gold flower, gold chrysanthemum with green and blue pearls, silver crackling chrysanthemum with green and…
    Out Of Stock
  • Cool


    Beautiful purple and silver colors with lots of crackles. It lasts a long time…
  • Cuckoo


    Multicolor fountain with whistles and a crackling finale…
  • Dragon Farts*

    Dragon Farts 

    Multi-effect fountain. It has darting fish, crackles, and loud whistles. Green, red, and white glittering colors shower out creating a…
    Out Of Stock
  • Dragon Spits Fire Each

    Dragon Spits Fire Each

    A dragon that emit showers of sparks causing the dragon's head to whip around.…
  • Dragon Spits Fire*

    Dragon Spits Fire

    Emit showers of sparks causing the dragon's head to whip around, 3 pack…
    Out Of Stock
  • Dream Weaver*

    Dream Weaver 

    Blue and gold showers, fish in every color of the rainbow, and crackling. Sound Rating: Loud Included Special…
    Out Of Stock
  • Frog Fountain

    Frog Fountain

    These frogs spew showers of sparks and color out their mouths!…
  • Frog Princess*

    Frog Princess 

    The frog's mouth and eyes light up, followed by a beautiful fountain out of it's head. Duration: ~0:45…
    Out Of Stock
  • Frosty Mug of Beer*

    Frosty Mug of Beer 

    Silver pine needles with gold, yellow, red, and green crackling chrysanthemums. Duration: ~1:40 Sound Rating: Loud Included…
    Out Of Stock
  • Golden Flower 12 Pack*

    Golden Flower 12 Pack

    Emits gorgeous showers of golden sparks. …
    Out Of Stock
  • Happiness


    4 inch fountain with red and green sparks ending with a bang.…
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