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  • 13 Inch Wheel

    13 Inch Wheel

    Spinning silver, red, green, and gold and also have whistles. Included Special Effects: Screamers…
  • Amp'd Up*

    Amp'd Up 

    Huge bursts of sky blue, red, purple, green, and yellow, with lots of white glitter. Shots: 16 Duration:…
    Out Of Stock
  • And The Crowd Goes Wild*

    And The Crowd Goes Wild 

    Rows of red, white, and blue comets are sequentially shot in rapid fire, back and forth with a spectacular finale…
    Out Of Stock
  • Big Rig*

    Big Rig

    Shoots screaming, flaming balls, then goes in reverse, emitting another round of loud screams and flaming balls.…
    Out Of Stock
  • Boom Boom*

    Boom Boom

    A single tube that shoots 100 feet into the air with double bursts in assorted colored stars.…
    Out Of Stock
  • Boom Boom*

    Boom Boom

    4 single shot tubes per box. Double bursts with assorted colored stars. Shoots 100ft into the air!…
    Out Of Stock
  • Breakout*


    Alternating bursts of red star mines to crackling bursts, white glitter mines to crackling bursts, and blue star mines to…
    Out Of Stock
  • Crackling Balls 6 Pack

    Crackling Balls 6 Pack

    The six crackle balls erupt into a small dome of silver crackles.…
  • Cyber Cannon*

    Cyber Cannon

    143 shots of brightly colored sparkling stars with loud whistles, crackles and reports Shots: 143 Included Special Effects:…
    Out Of Stock
  • Dixie Dynamite

    Dixie Dynamite

    12 pack of extremely loud firecrackers. Sound Rating: Very Loud…
  • Dragon Spits Fire Each

    Dragon Spits Fire Each

    A dragon that emit showers of sparks causing the dragon's head to whip around.…
  • Dragon Spits Fire*

    Dragon Spits Fire

    Emit showers of sparks causing the dragon's head to whip around, 3 pack…
    Out Of Stock
  • Dragons Fire*

    Dragons Fire

    Gold comets shoot skyward erupting into crackling dragon eggs. Shots: 19 Sound Rating: Normal Included Special Effects: Tails,…
    Out Of Stock
  • Googles


    3 pack of spinners that jump around, red, green and blue.…
  • It's A Hoot*

    It's A Hoot 

    Red and green tails and multi-colored bursts of glitter and chrysanthemums. Shots: 10 Duration: ~0:25…
    Out Of Stock
  • Jammin*


    Red, green, sea blue, white, and purple glitter. Wild whistling mines, gold tails, and brocades. Shots: 30 Duration:…
    Out Of Stock
  • Jump Jive & Jam!*

    Jump Jive & Jam! 

    Gold and silver crackling comets bursting into loud crackles. Shots: 102 Duration: ~0:28 Sound Rating: Loud Included…
    Out Of Stock
  • Kaleidoscope*


    Huge bursts of sky blue, orange, purple, green, and red with lots of glitter and spectacular gold brocades. …
    Out Of Stock
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