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  • All Mine*

    All Mine 

    Red, green, and silver crackling,whistling comets and colorful mines with reports. Shots: 75 Duration: ~1:15 Sound Rating: Normal…
    $15.00  $11.25
    Out Of Stock
  • Breaking Point Finale

    Breaking Point Finale 

    Fan of purple bursts with green glittering strobes, gold glittering brocades, red bursts with white glittering strobes. It ends with…
    $32.00  $29.00
  • Buck Fever

    Buck Fever 

    Exciting huge explosions of color with crackling and report, ending in a grand finale! Shots: 25…
    $20.00  $15.00
  • City Crasher

    City Crasher 

    Fantastic crackling streamers with huge color bursts ending with a thunderous finale. Sound Rating: Loud Included Special Effects:…
    $24.00  $18.00
  • Coconut Grove Song*

    Coconut Grove Song 

    This has lots of LOUD report. It is sure to knock your socks off! Shots: 19 Sound Rating:…
    $24.00  $18.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Cosmic Raider

    Cosmic Raider

    Silver tails to yellow palms with green glitter, and silver tails to crackling chrysanthemums Shots: 8 Included Special…
    $10.00  $7.50
  • Crashing Rainbow

    Crashing Rainbow 

    Shots with red and green tails to a double break report. Shots: 25 Sound Rating: Very Loud…
    $24.00  $18.00
  • Demo Special*

    Demo Special 

    Large multi-colored peonies, red scrambling tails going to silver glitter and crackling flowers, then red star mines, bouquets, golden brocades,…
    $42.00  $39.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Electric Neon Muscle Shells*

    Electric Neon Muscle Shells

    24 different neon shells…
    Out Of Stock
  • F-16


    Feel the rage as these 36 shots thunder! Red, green, and blue tails burst into silver spinners followed by red…
    $20.00  $15.00
  • Glitter Storm

    Glitter Storm 

    Blue and red stars, silver tail to silver spinner, silver fish, and plenty of glitter and crackling timerain throughout …
    $42.00  $39.00
  • Go Get R*

    Go Get R 

    Red, green, blue, yellow and silver go getters with a finale of color crackling bursts with white strobes. …
    $20.00  $15.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Gold Brocade Bash*

    Gold Brocade Bash 

    12 Huge golden brocade explosions Shots: 12 Duration: ~0:32…
    Out Of Stock
  • Happy Hour

    Happy Hour 

    Silver, green, and golden tails bursting into silver and green glitter and golden brocades. Ending with a huge 10 shot…
    $32.00  $29.00
  • Hot, Hot, Hot!

    Hot, Hot, Hot! 

    Green with purple stars and red, blue and white. Red and green bouquets with time delay. A six shot finale…
    $20.00  $15.00
  • Killer Candle*

    Killer Candle

    Gold willow, red peony, green peony, blue peony, silver peony, multi-color peony, yellow peony and crackling …
    Out Of Stock
  • Master Mine

    Master Mine 

    Golden willow mines and glittering tails, crackling mine flowers, and golden willows with crackling stars. Shots: 14 Duration:…
    $18.00  $13.50
  • One for the Ditch

    One for the Ditch 

    Blue crackling mines to red and white strobes, blue, purple, and yellow palms, and brocade with red and blue stars…
    $18.00  $13.50
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