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  • Chaos in the Kingdom

    Chaos in the Kingdom

    Contains four 500 gram cakes! King Chaos-6 shots, Queen Chaos-6 shots, Prince Chaos-6 shots, and Princess Chaos-6 shots. …
  • Da Big Box Of Bombs*

    Da Big Box Of Bombs 

    Four different and amazing cakes per case, each cake has 36 shots with a 12 shot finale. Atom Bomb, Hydrogen…
    Out Of Stock
  • Pro Pac #48

    Pro Pac #48 

    Free Flight: red, blue, purple, yellow, and green pearls to silver brocades with green, red, or silver glitter, 16 shotsBushwacked:…
  • The Hurt Locker*

    The Hurt Locker 

    A combo of four great cakes! Weapons Hot-48 shots, Charlie Fox Trot-48 shots, Hell Fire-48 shots, and Lethal Addiction-48 shots.…
    Out Of Stock
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