Why should I shop with Uncle Sam's Fireworks?

While we can easily ramble on for hours, here are the top ten reasons Uncle Sam's Fireworks is the only place to get your fireworks:

  • No Gimmicks - None of this "Pay More Than Double, Get One Free" gimmick, no bait and switch "sales", no jacking up the "regular price" to have a sale, no high pressure sales, just the highest quality fireworks on the market at the lowest prices possible.
  • Easy Price Shopping - We don't hound you if you try to compare prices.  We encourage it by supplying an internet kiosk and the catalogs of those other places right on the front counter when you walk in.
  • Education - With our near zero employee turnover from year to year (On average, our employees are with us for 11 years) and having the area's only legal shooting site in our back yard allows us to actually have first hand knowledge of each and every item.
  • Video - View fireworks in 1080p on our on-demand Video Jukebox OR on your smartphone by scanning the QR codes throughout the store. We produce our own videos, we don't use some random video posted on You Tube that hopefully has the right title on it.
  • My Uncle Sam's Fireworks - An easy and secure way to track your fireworks purchases, plan your show, rate your fireworks, print out your shooting list and MORE. All for free!
  • Legal Consumer Firework Permits - State Statue 167.10 requires not only a date and location of use but every item allowed must be listed on the permit.  The Town of Wayne, WI issues permits that are 100% legal to protect you.  No bogus "possessor permits" here!
  • Locally Owned - Every penny spent at Uncle Sam's Fireworks stays in the local area.  We are not owned by an out of state corporation. 
  • Detailed Receipts - You'll always know exactly what you were charged for each item.
  • Wisconsin's Oldest and Largest Firework Store - We've been in the business since 1984 when State Statue 167.10 was signed into law. Other places use hype, we use real numbers. We have the largest selection of fireworks (Over 600), in the largest building (Over 12,000 sq ft), on 40 acres of land with our state legal shooing site.
  • True Professionals - We've worked closely with Bartolotta Fireworks Company (The guys who do the big stuff for events like Summerfest) for many years learning from the professionals to be professionals.  Only true pyrotechnic professionals are employed by Uncle Sam's Fireworks!

What is a User's Permit? I hear they are all bogus, why do I have to buy one?

A "User's Permit" is required according to state statue 167.10 to legally possess Consumer Fireworks. The permits issued by the Town of Wayne (For $4.00) are 100% state legal. The bogus permits you keep hearing about are usually called a "possessor permit". According to the state law, you MUST have a date and location of use for a permit to be valid. IF SOMEONE TRIES TO ISSUE YOU A "POSSESSOR PERMIT" OR REQUIRES YOU TO JOIN A "SHOOTERS CLUB" YOU ARE NOT IN LEGAL POSSESSION OF CONSUMER FIREWORKS. Both of these have been proven not valid for possession of Consumer Fireworks by various Wisconsin courts.

How do you know what these fireworks look like?

Easy: Being the only fireworks store in the area with a state legal shooting site in our back yard, we test each and every item before it ever hits our shelves. If we don't like it, we don't sell it. Plus, we get to see exactly what every item does!

How old do I need to be to purchase fireworks?

In the state of Wisconsin, you must be 18 to purchase any item that requires a permit (State Statue 167.10). There is no age restriction for "safe and sane" fireworks, such as smoke bombs, sparklers and fountains. As a general rule of thumb, we require you to be at least 16 years old to purchase safe and sane items.

How can I order your fireworks online?

Due to various laws, we are not able to ship any fireworks. The only way to purchase fireworks from this site is to request them to be picked-up in our store. Simply select the items you are interested in, click the "In-Store Pickup" button and fill your shopping cart. When you are all done shopping you will be asked to create an account and verify your order. All payments must be made at the time of pickup. You also must have a valid photo ID to get a Town of Wayne fireworks permit (The town charges $4.00) if you do not have a valid "Consumer Fireworks USER Permit".

Do you accept credit cards and debit cards?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We also accept any debit card that carries the Visa or MasterCard logo as a credit card. We do not offer cash back.

Are your online prices the same as your in-store prices?

Yes! All pricing is synchronized real-time with our advanced cash register system.

What if an item I purchase doesn't work?

Bring it back and we replace it. If the fuse burned but nothing happened, or if the item only partly went off. We wouldn't want to be stuck with some dud and we don't expect you to either. NEVER attempt to relight or modify any item that doesn't work. This can be VERY dangerous so just bring it back and we'll replace it.

Can you ship fireworks to...?

No, we do not ship fireworks anywhere. If you wish to contract a private OTR shipper feel free to do so. We are more than happy to box up your order and work with the shipping company to arrange pickup, FOB Allenton, WI. Shipping 1.4g is VERY expensive, keep this in mind!

What fireworks do you sell that are safe?

None. All fireworks can be dangerous. Even a sparkler burns hotter than 1,800 degrees! If you ever have a question on how to use any of our fireworks, don't hesitate to ask. There is no such thing as a stupid safety question. Better to be safe than sorry.