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  • Behemoth


    Crackles of gold and silver mixed with red and green sparks and blue pearls. Duration: ~2:00 Sound Rating:…
    $25.00  $18.75
  • Energizer*


    Green, red, purple and blue sparks, silver and gold chrysanthemums and multi-colored crackles. Duration: ~5:00…
    Out Of Stock
  • Enormous Eruption*

    Enormous Eruption 

    4 minute fountain with multi color and an eruption of multi effects. Duration: ~2:20…
    Out Of Stock
  • Fiesta*


    Red, yellow, orange, blue, and pink fish with silver ball flowers…
    Out Of Stock
  • Mucho Grande

    Mucho Grande 

    Gold sparks, crackles, whistles, and tons of color with an amazing finale! Duration: ~2:19 Sound Rating: Loud Included…
  • Mystic Rain

    Mystic Rain 

    Titanium flowers and silver chrysanthemums and red and blue stars. Duration: ~1:05 Sound Rating: Normal…
  • One Unbelievable Fountain

    One Unbelievable Fountain 

    Silver showers and red flare with whistle,red, green, and blue stars with whistle and awesome silver crackling flowers …
  • Psychedelic


    Red, white, and blue chrysanthemums, red dragon balls, jellyfish, sunflowers many exciting effects. Duration: ~2:00 Included Special Effects:…
  • Rhythm and Blues

    Rhythm and Blues 

    Red, green, and blue stars, white and yellow chrysanthemums, green and blue fish and silver flowers. Duration: ~2:16…
  • Spartan Scream*

    Spartan Scream 

    Silver fountain starting with a super loud scream, followed by pine needles, strobes, spring flowers, whistles, colored pearls, and chrysanthemum…
    Out Of Stock
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